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Xuchang Shenfei Aerospace Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Xuchang Shenfei Aerospace Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Beijing Shenfei Aerospace Applied Technology Research Institute, and Our company is engaged in aerospace grade food research and development, production and promotion of enterprises. Yanling County Administration for Industry and Commerce signed an investment agreement on April 25, 2014. The enterprise covers an area of 56,940 square meters and a workshop area of 6,500 square meters. Up to now, 3,000 square meters of two 100,000-grade purification workshop have been completed and put into trial production. The enterprise has 500 employees, 50 million registered capital and over 20 million investment in the first phase. The annual production volume can reach 1 billion yuan, with 12 standardized production lines for fruit and vegetable nutrition powder.

It makes full use of high-end scientific and technological achievements of aerospace and abundant resources of aerospace experts, advocates the safe promotion and production of aerospace-grade standard civil food, and relies on China’s rich natural biological resources and abundant scientific researchers to carry out scientific research and development to produce a series of fine products of aerospace biology. 

Natural Health Nutrition

It is green, natural and full of nutrition, fully reflects the essence of Chinese traditional dietotherapy culture, and fully meets the health and nutrition needs of the public. At present, the series of aerospace bio-nutrition products have filled the domestic gap in this field in dosage forms and are at the international leading level. The business scope includes: aerospace agricultural science and technology development, research and related technical consultation, technology transfer; Crops planting and processing, solid drinks processing and sales.
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The implementation of high-tech space breeding research, demonstration planting of organic vegetables in space, promotion of science popularization and sightseeing display of organic vegetables in space; Introduction of international high-end freeze-drying technology and equipment for fresh-keeping of fruits and vegetables for deep processing and fine processing of space vegetables. After many years of research, Shenfei’s team of experts has extracted natural plant nutrition essence.

According to the traditional Chinese health preserving theory and using modern food development technology, the space fruit and vegetable coarse cereals have been refined into a series of fruit and vegetable protein solid drinks through a series of complete processes such as material selection, extraction, drying and the like, thus retaining various nutritional ingredients to the maximum extent. Relying on the advantages of aerospace technology,

we have continuously improved the quality of our products, led by the planting and processing of selenium-enriched functional agricultural products, and guided by the concepts of innovative agriculture and scientific and technological agriculture. We have been determined to innovate and continuously explore, forming a new development model of unique agricultural industry.